Starving Souls

The fires rage

As passions grow

In the moment

They are exciting

But when one is filled with fire

Another may be burned


The heat stretches its arms

Brushing its flaming fingers over all

The flames only seek to burn brighter

Their vision turns to red, the taller they grow

Even love may be forgotten

By our fragile human minds

And with love pushed aside

What is there to hold us back

From giving ourselves away

To the flames?




Chasing adrenaline

All seeking a quick fix to satisfy


Before coming back for more and more

The more you get the more you want

Satisfaction remains over the horizon



But the sun always rises

Bringing healing


And growth

To our starving souls

Love, in the purest sense of the word

Is the one thing that can satisfy us




And unconditional

This love

This is the love we need



All that I am.

Who would ever love someone so dark as me?

But darkness is not all that I am

No, darkness is not all that I am

The light loves me, in spite of my darkness

And the more I let it in

The more the darkness will flee

As light floods forward

Washing the deepest parts of me


My heart is made of glass.

Easy to read, but hidden by my chest.

Easy to break, but guarded by my chest.

Though you hold my heart I can still break it.

But if I break mine, I may break yours too.

So mine must remain intact.

Oh my, mine must remain intact.


The depths of my waters

Will remain hidden

Unless someone is willing to delve in.

And swim

Passing the peaceful, light-filled waters of the surface

To the murky, muddy, darkness within.


And I must be willing to let them in.

To cease diverting.

But instead, I lead their feet to some ridge,

And pointing upwards,

I guide their eyes away from the gaping valley below.


Lowly Dreamer

Where am I now?

A lowly dreamer


I stare at the stars

Yet, I don’t go where you are


I sit in my chair

And drown in my cares


Today I may move

But tomorrow could bring a new tune


I must stare at the sun

And remember, the race has already been won.


I’m afraid of who I am

And afraid of who I’m not


Afraid of who I might become

And of who I might not


I’m afraid of the shadows

Surrounding my mind


Afraid of the darkness

I know I may find


But I am more than my fear

And I can control


The choices I make

And where I choose to go


Though the shadows are dark

And the fog thick


There is light inside

Stronger than I


And if I close my eyes

The light will still shine


Though the shadows are dark

And the fog thick


The light within me

Will still shine


And if I close my eyes

I know it will be my guide


I am alive.

I want to be a sheep

Harming little more than the grass

My thoughts simple and pure

I wish I could just be a sheep

And escape into pastures of green

Each tree, every leaf, and all the blades of grass

Glowing with a light which lasts

Even in the night


I wish I were a lamb


But I am not

I am impure, spotted

And further

I am chased each day

By wolves

Some familiar

Some new

I fear I will befriend them

And be lost in the howls

Of the rayless night


But I know

Blood has rained down

And washed through my coat

Imbuing my heart with thick red drops

That pump through my veins

I am alive

I am alive