Lucent Hearts

The sun reaches its peak

As bright souls assemble

Surrounding me

But I am not besieged

Their warmth envelops me

The hand of joy fills our spirits

As our incandescent hearts fill with concerted laughter


Slowly the daylight slips away

But the air is not devoid of light

Radiance roosts behind each face

Filling the holes in every space

The twilight cannot claim the gleam


Fire climbs clouds and greets the sky

Unblinking as our spirits diffuse

Sole beams wink from the distance

Bringing light to respective lands

But our hearts are ever lucent

And will converge again one day


Sweet Nothing

You ripped my heart open then whispered, you’re beautiful

Throwing up honeyed words you shaped your mesmeric mask

Drawing me in you lifted soft lips to my ear

And breathed sweet nothing


Then you left me, beaten and wanting

My mangled heart greeted fresh air

The gashes cried my love and blood

Dripping them down among the dirt


The earth choked through the desecrated drops

Permeating the crust they mingled with clear water

Reservoirs grew nebulous with their dance

And furthered the forests